One Asia Breastfeeding Partners Forum-8
Ulaanbaatar , Mongolia on 14-16 Sept., 2011
Theme : “Climate Change and Food Security”


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One Asia Breastfeeding Partners Forum – 8



Day 1

Theme : Food Security and Climate Change Concerns and cautions for breastfeeding and Complementary feeding

Day 2

Theme – Infant and young child’s Right to Food - Assessing where countries stand, with focus on

    • Inappropriate promotion of baby foods
    • WBTi assessment (3 years experience on benefits, how report was utilised, is it used in policy discussions/decisions)
    • COI examples
    • Maternity benefits
  • Conflict of Interest impacting infant and young child health and nutrition– JP Dadhich
    Chairpersons: Radha Holla, Ines Fernandez, Jaiok Kim Presentations from South Asian countries

Day 3

Theme : Future Plans of regions

  • Group Discussion on future plans and presentation of regional Plans for Action on
    • Assessments and reporting on WBTi
    • The World Breastfeeding Conference, 2012
    • World Breastfeeding Week 2012

Briefing in plenary: Arun Gupta
Coordination of group work and presentations: Arun Gupta/ Ines Fernandez/Kim Jaiok

  • Workshop on Funding Opportunities – Shoba Suri, Ugyen Zangmo, Ines Fernandez, Kim Jaiok


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